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transfer your cox services

Bring your service to your new home

Move your services in as fast as 5 minutes.  Complete the process online today.

How transferring your service works

It only takes four easy steps to get your move on its way.

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Get help transferring services from your old home to your new one

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We'll make sure you get all the right equipment and info for your move

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Install it yourself or a technician will connect your service

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Kick back, relax and get ready to experience great service at your new place

make the most of your move

Quick move tips

Moving can be a hassle. That's why you'll maintain access to wifi hotspots and TV service through the Contour App while moving. Here are more ways to help get your move started.

Check availability

With a quick search, we can tell if your new home is in an area we service.

Easy Connect

You’ve got this. Just pick up your equipment and connect everything to begin service. Visit Cox.com/installhelp or call with any questions along the way.

Pro Connect

Not a DIY type? No worries, bring all of your equipment (remote, box, modem, wires/cables, etc.) and we’ll set everything up at a time that works for you.

Seasonal users

Service for a second home? You can pause for months at a time during off-seasons and pick right back up when you return. Visit Cox.com/seasonal or call with any questions.

Move FAQs

If your moving and between address, with your Cox Internet service,  over 3 million hotspots are available to help you stay connected.   Enable your wireless device and search for available networks.  In your list, select "CoxWiFi" or "CableWiFI".  Launch your internet browser and sign in with your Cox User ID and password.  Here is a quick link to an interactive coverage map and details about Cox Hotspots and our WiFi service.

Please bring all your existing Cox equipment to your new home. This includes all the wires, cables, boxes, modems, etc. Also, to ensure easy installation, make sure you have any TVs, computers, etc. placed where you want them in your new home. If you are a Quick Connect customer, please leave the equipment that was there when you first moved in.

When you install your services using the Cox Easy Connect installation option,  there are no activation or install fees. When the home or services are not eligible for an Easy Connect or you would prefer a technician to install your services, the Pro Connect option has a fee.  Cox Pro Connects are conducted by experienced Field Service Technicians who are committed to reestablishing your service at your new home as quickly as possible.

When transfering your services you will be able to keep similar services, and in most cases have the ability to modify your services to your liking. Due to variance in pricing across different regions, your price may fluctuate slightly when keeping similar services.

Yes, you or someone who is at least 18 years old must be present when an experienced Field Service Technicians visits to complete a Pro Connect. If you opt for Easy Connect, you will be able to complete the install yourself whenever you'd like.

In most cases, yes. We’ll check to make sure your home is eligible for Easy Connect.  Cox reviews factors like the amount of time since the last date of service, the type of service or equipment you currently have and whether it has been previously available at your new home. The Easy Connect option may not be available. If the house is eligible and you are comfortable, you can install your service. Assistance on how to complete an Easy Connect can be found on Cox.com/installhelp.  If you are unable to complete an Easy Connect, and require onsite assistance you may request a Pro Connect Conversion.

Once your current service has been disconnected, you won’t be charged until service is installed and activated at your new home. For uninterrupted service, we’ll do our best to schedule the disconnect of your service on the day of installation at your new home. Please note that Pro Connect installation appointments are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. So placing your request as early as possible at Cox.com will give us the best opportunity to provide you the most convenient Pro Connect installation times.

If you're looking to disconnect or cancel your Cox service, please contact us (https://www.cox.com/residential/contactus.html) for assistance.

Uninstallation is pretty simple! If you are using Easy Connect, we recommend taking a picture of your current equipment and wires so you can reference at your new home. Start by unplugging the power cord(s) and the coaxial cable(s) from the wall. Continue to remove any other plugs that may be connected and store everything in a well padded box. That’s it!

No problem - we can easily change the move date of your services! Just call us at (844) 300-7313 to change your date.

Depending on what's available at your new address, we will make sure you have the most up to date services and equipment. In the event your existing plan contains outdated services, we'll create a special move plan for you that upgrades the outdated services with new and improved versions, all for around the same price!

If eligible, you will be provided the opportunity to change your services online. Follow the easy process at the top of this page.

In most cases you will be able to keep your phone number. However there are a small portion of customers where their phone number cannot move to a different area. You will be shown the portability of your phone number during the easy online move process.

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